The Hollow Threads

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Debut Album Now Available!

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The Hollow Threads are the result of a desire to create something from nothing, to fill an empty space missing in our lives both creatively and musically.

We are the result of a desire to create music that is different from anything we have ever done, to stretch ourselves creatively and conceptually.

We are the result of a desire to create music that excited and surprised us at every stage of its creation, to be inspired and unhindered.

We are an alternative/electronic group based in Pasadena, CA.

We like experimenting with sound.

We like re-purposing sounds.

We want to share these sounds with you.

This url was for a partial/sample download of Strands. Now that the album has been completed, we would like to invite you to download the entire album.

You will not need a password for this download, but will be required to enter a valid email address. We promise not to spam you.

As always, infinite thanks for your interest and support.